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Today's sneak peak takes place at the kitchen table where I have been collecting stories for my "Kitchen Diaries," a soon to be released addition to my interactive website titled, Glass Houses. So, don't be shy, come on in and make yourself at home. Please feel free to grab a drink from the frig before we get started and if the kitchen gets too "hot" you might want to take my dad's advice, "If you can't take the heat...get out of the kitchen."

A Recipe for a Good Marriage is based on a real story about a recipe that was shared with me by my father. His name is Henry Lee Lopez, and I have such great memories of his crazy sense of humor. When I think of him, I am reminded of how my mother, Sara Quiroz Laborin, never grew tired of listening to the stories or jokes he would tell over and over again.

My mom was pretty funny too, but she could never remember a joke if her life depended on it. Sometimes I think I inherited my wit and humor from my dad and I must have inherited that dreadful "forgetful" gene from my mother. Which is one of the reasons why I am so determined to document family traditions, stories, jokes, recipes and more.

Did you know that jokes are like dishes? They are either clean or dirty. So tell me, do you want to hear the dirty one first or the clean one? Ha. That's what I thought and this is why you will have to visit me again. Today, is just a sneak preview of what is about to come with the second phase of Glass Houses: Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Recipe for a good marriage


Oh dear, where are my manners? I almost forgot to mention that Phase One of Glass Houses was first released in May 1997. Since this date there have been some minor and major home improvements, but, I will spare you all the details till the Re-Grand Opening of Phase Two. For now, let's take a peak of one of the videos titled Living in Nepantla: La Tamalada from my Cultural Crossings video collection that is placed on the bookshelf in the TV room. My suggestion is that you turn up your speakers on your computer before we begin. Grab some pop corn off the counter. Kick up your feet, relax and enjoy.

What was that? Did I just hear someone thinking out loud? Are you wondering what exactly is a tamalada? A tamalada, in our house, is a winter gathering of family and friends that get together at our house to make tamales, and to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS: Simply click the play button and for your viewing pleasure, I, recommend setting the audio at mid level. That is unless you don't mind getting blasted by my brother Geno's passion for singing his all time favorite tune "Family Tradition" by Hank Williams. It is also best NOT to view the video full screen (at this time).

Tamalada picture

Ok, how did you like the video? If you would like to share with me your thoughts please feel encouraged. Let me know what you might have learned, liked or maybe you did not find it entertaining at all. Feedback is always appreciated by artists and I enjoy getting to know my houseguests.

Are you ready for another video? If time permits, I will add another video so please come back. Otherwise, I hope to see you at the Re-Grand Opening. So, before you leave, don't forget to send me a message by clicking on the email button below so I can add your name to the invitation list for Phase Two. And, if you click on the peace button it will take you to the first phase of Glass Houses: A View of American Assimilation from a Mexican-American Perspective (I997).



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